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Houston TAAP is currently accepting Annual Award Nominations for 2018

Nominations are now being accepted for the three annual awards presented to members of the addiction treatment, education, prevention and intervention community: Counselor of the Year, Addiction Professional of the Year, and Hall of Fame. You must be a current TAAP member to nominate someone, and, the nominee must also be a current TAAP member. The award recipients will be presented before their peers at the Annual Awards Brunch at the Houston Spectrum Conference in October

Individual portfolios containing supporting documentation and completed nomination form must be submitted to Peter Mott no later than April 2, 2018.  

To nominate an individual for an Award:
Mail a hard-copy of a Nomination Packet (see description of required documents below)
Or fill out the form HERE

Packet should be sent to: 
Houston Chapter TAAP Awards Committee, PO Box 131924, Houston, TX 77219

Nominations must be submitted no later than April 2, 2018.

Incomplete nomination forms will NOT be considered.

All nominees must be current members of TAAP. 

Questions can be sent to Peter Mott at

Award Categories


General Criteria

  • Nominees must meet the criteria of the award they are nominated for. (See the links above.)
  • Any TAAP member in good standing may nominate someone or an agency providing clinical services in the form of counseling, education, intervention, prevention or treatment.
  • One nominee may be chosen each year to receive the award.
  • Award recipients will be announced at the Annual Spectrum Conference held in the Fall.

A complete packet will include answers to the following questions:

  • Nominee’s name, certification(s) and license(s) held and which award you are nominating them for.
  • TAAP Chapter, person, group or agency submitting the nomination
  • Nominee’s work history; particularly direct field experience in a counseling relationship with clients.
  • List awards, accomplishments and achievements from other health service professionals.
  • List involvement in TAAP/TCBAP; specify type and extent of service (i.e., local, state or national).
  • List publication of papers, public presentations and/or teaching accomplishments
  • List outstanding service in counseling citizens disabled by substance abuse (an emphasis area in award consideration)
  • Indicate nominee’s formal education (although important, this is not an emphasis area).
  • Document all claims where possible.
  • Nominee’s previous awards and/or recognitions given to this individual by civic, fraternal, legal, and religious organizations for community service.
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Chapter Counselors of the Year Helena Washington
1993 Matthew Feehery 2015
1995 Karen Hicks-McKibben Chapter Addiction Professional of the Year
1996 Shirley Courier 2004 Keith Liles * **
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2000 John Cates * ** 2008 Tom Irving
2001 Keith Liles 2009 Marcia Baker
2003 Jennifer Carr * 2010 Ellen Joe
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** National Recipient Keith Liles
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