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Health Insurance

NAADAC, The Association for Addiction Professionals, in partnership with the Van Wagner Group, is pleased to offer a new tool to find health insurance options. Health insurance programs can be found online through Van Wagner’s association with the e-health insurance plan.

Individual Professional Liability Insurance

Pays for Legal Liability up to $1,000,000 per incident/$3,000,000 aggregate for suits alleging malpractice in the rendering or failure to render professional services. The policy is based on an Occurrence Form. This means that you are insured for life, even if you change employers, professions, or stop working, as long as the covered incidents occur while the policy is in effect.

Two Hours of Free Legal Assistance

(available to NAADAC Memberswith Professional Liability Insurance) – We are pleased to announce that ACE American Insurance Company has partnered with The Van Wagner Group and a nationally known law firm to provide NAADAC/ACE insureds with Loss Assistance when you are first made aware of a potential claim against you. You will have up to two hours of telephone legal assistance at no cost to you to discuss strategies to handle these incidents. The purpose is to help prevent an incident from becoming a law